Click Finish to complete the new driver installation. We offer money saving options for DuraLabel owners. You can also contact our support team for help. Getting Started with LabelForge. An Installing window shows installation progress.

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Ruralabel off the printer, open the lid, and push the lever to raise the print head. Press down to close, with a hand on each side of the print head mechanism.

DuraLabel 9000 PS

Once everything is in place, lower the print carriage until it latches into place, and close the lid. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our support team for help.

Make sure that the ribbon unrolls from the back of the source roller on the underside of the print carriage. The printer is waiting for the cutter mechanism. Loading the Printer DuraLabel ribbon and vinyl supplies have been optimized for compatibility and print quality.

The Toro should be aligning itself dkralabel a gap or mark, but instead is only printing and cutting based on the label length. Turn off the Toro, wait about five seconds, and turn it back on. Close the printer up again, turn it back on, and try printing once more. Let the DuraLabel PS provide the versatility you need to print labels on demand from the warehouse or the plant.


Click on the printer icon in the task bar to bring up the error message again, and click Clear Error. Page 20 Click Status Close.

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Want to see what your labels will look duraoabel LabelForge allows you to create custom labels from the ground up. DuraSuite allows you to create industry code-compliant labels in minutes. Using the tiling function, you can go ahead and print a billboard.

How-to Install Floor Marking Tape. The light will change to solid green. Get your free sample! The printer may also print out the labels that you were waiting for.

Always wait at least 5 seconds before turning power back ON. You may drualabel to re-tape the ribbon onto this take-up roller. Symbols File Viewer 32 bit operating system File name: Merging Information, Sequencing Labels Start by opening an Excel document, placing column headers in the first row Fig. If the error returns, please contact our support team for help. Industrial Safety Solutions ISS provides supplies which exceed the quality specifications outlined by the original equipment manufacturer.


The printer is probably still showing an error from a previous printing attempt. Find the oval-shaped silver label on the top of the printer. Printer DuraLabel toro User Manual 32 pages.

You can print signs and labels at widths of 4″, printfr, 7″, 8″ and 9″ in high-definition dpi output, at any length you need, even up to several feet. The printer has finished following the instructions that it received.

Then, set the Print Speed to 2 inches per second.

DuraLabel 9000 Information

Click Finish to complete the new driver installation. The printer will do what it can, and then stop. The printer is having trouble detecting the printing ribbon often because it is not feeding correctly.